Quality Control

Quality Standards and Communication

Groupe IGIENICO goes to great lengths to ensure outstanding quality control and customer communication. Our tools and techniques include:

PDA Monitoring

Groupe IGIENICO is one of the very few companies in the industry that uses internally developed software programs to monitor quality levels at its sites. Custom software with built-in computer driven controls are tools that allow us to monitor any deficiencies and respond in an appropriate manner, not only resolving the problem but also retraining the individuals performing the task to prevent it from recurring in the future.

Damage Reports

Groupe IGIENICO`s cleaning personnel are required to report any damage, breakage, plumbing problems, or maintenance needs immediately to their supervisor. If this occurs, the supervisor informs those responsible.

Regular Site Inspections

We certainly don’t depend on our clients to monitor our services. Every facility receives a daily inspection from one of our Seniors and Supervisors and a regular inspections from one of our Regional Directors. A written quality control report is created for areas requiring improvement. This report is reviewed with the supervisor and the senior. All deficiencies are rectified immediately. Final reports are submitted and recorded for future tracking in Groupe IGIENICO`s proprietary software system.

On a daily basis an inspection report is sent for review by Groupe IGIENICO`s regional director, indicating sites visited, problems encountered and steps taken to correct them. Furthermore, various dates are assigned by the system to reinspect the site to ensure a permanent improvement has been achieved.

Periodic Telephone Surveys

Groupe IGIENICO`s regional office contacts each client periodically by telephone to ensure your satisfaction with our work.

Cell Phones

All Groupe IGIENICO crews are equipped with mobile phones so that they can be reached 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Emergency Hotline

We maintain a telephone hotline for prompt response in special situations and emergencies. In case of an emergency at your facility, our personnel will immediately contact the person you have designated and follow the emergency procedures you have prescribed for the office or building.